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Asbestos Removal Services will completely remove and dispose of roofs or complete buildings including contents if required. 

Quotations are free of charge, if you wish to request a quotation please click the relevant link or call us stating your requirements.

If you are unsure if asbestos is present, asbestos analysis can be provided for £50 per sample, please use the quotation page to request analysis.

Our working radius encompuses almost anywhere in the South East of England and The Midlands.


To Request a Free Quotation, please fill out the following form. we will get back to you as soon as possible:


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Asbestos Removal Services specialise in asbestos removal and disposal, but we also have the facilities to offer a general waste removal service. Our rubbish removal service is often considerably cheaper than skip hire, for example: 

A 6 cubic yard skip, hired for a day, loaded by yourself and sat on your drive untill collected; would cost approximately £170.

A 7 yard tipper, with almost no height restrictions, that WE will load for you; would cost approximately £150.

Still don't believe us? Ask us for a free quotation, what have you got to lose?


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